Thank you  for commiting to partnering with the Boston Foundation in order to provide meaningful summer opportunities for Boston's most vulnerable populations of youth.  You truly made this year's My Summer in the City unique and groundbreaking.  Every year, My Summer in the City aims to serve:

1.)  Youth ages 12-14

2.) Vulnerable populations of youth (LGTBQIA, undocumented/immigrant youth, youth with disabilities, foster youth, homeless youth, and court involved youth). 

As promised on both the approval email and the award letter, the Foundation requires an end of the summer report that will help us guide next year's My Summer in the City so we can continue to improve and make sure that we are intentional in reaching those most vulnerable

 Please fill in the survey by September __. Should you have any questions, concerns, please email Cairo Mendes at 

- Natanja Craig-Oquendo, Director of the Grassroots Program

- Cairo Mendes, Grassroots Program Associate


Thank you for your most recent partnership with the Grassroots Strategy here at the Boston Foundation. 

In order to measure the impact of the work, we ask you to please fill the following evaluation as a complete evaluation is required to be considered for future funding through the Grassroots Fund. 

For any questions please email Cairo Mendes, 


The Grassroots Strategy is one of the 7 impact areas operated by the Boston Foundation. We seek to recognize, include, and support the leaders and communities that have historically been excluded. 

There are three core components to our work: 

Activating Grassroots Leaders

We recognize the leadership and vision of community members and seek to support their growth and work. We do this by sponsoring professional development opportunities for grassroots leaders, connecting leaders to resources and other support systems, and hosting the Boston Neighborhood Fellows. 

Seeding Grassroots Ideas

Grassroots grant making at the Boston Foundation is set up to respond quickly to community needs, with the Grassroots Fund proactively providing grants that range from $200 to $10,000 to grassroots organizations and efforts led by leaders with lived experiences in the issues we work to address through all of our grant making. 

Deepening Grassroots Connections

We work to deepen grassroots connections by partnering with leaders to co-create safe and welcoming spaces and opportunities for community members, grassroots nonprofit leaders and Foundation staff to meet together, exchange stories and discuss lessons learned from community action to ensure that voices of communities historically excluded are present in all of our work

For any questions please email Cairo Mendes, 

The Boston Foundation